The Evolution of the Conference Session Experience

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What is 5 Points of Light?

Part performance, part panel, part education, and fully engaging and inspiring, 5 Points of Light are changemakers of traditional speakers in the conference world. We've aggregated our wisdom and crafted enriching keynotes and sessions for the collective consciousness of today's professional events.  Get ready... it's time to 5X your meeting experience and elevate your events.

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 The 5 Points


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Launched in 2019, 5 Points of Light is a breakthrough partnership of subject matter experts in the core disciplines that contribute to meaningful change in the personal, professional, and cultural lives of participants

Connect the dots between passion, people and processes, and learn to ignite creative approaches to a range of challenges that influence transformational change, with the power of PK

Drive improved alignment and outcomes, for both leaders and individual contributors, through innovative and inclusive collaboration, highlighting strategic prioritization, with the power of Melissa

Instill mindfulness and wellbeing as modes of life to change the way you think, team, interact, and perceive situations and the world, in order to better navigate life personally and professionally, with the power of Lee

Acquire key insight into our marketing-driven world and discover how your organization can learn and leverage from global brands, while bridging the generational divide, with the power of Janet

Discover a host of new technology tools, apps, methodologies and gadgets that can change the way you collaborate, travel, communicate, manage projects and streamline your work & life, with the power of Tara


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and...we’re FUN!

With an average tenure of over 20 years as a speaker, we know how to structure experiences for any industry to truly engage, and to educate people in ways they'll listen.  We ensure that every minute we share onstage is impactful, and is optimized for total recall and long-term personal participant value.


We leverage music, laughter, storytelling and a group dynamic that's light, fresh and entertaining -- while still being substantive.  And we happen to be all women, but we have what it takes to keep people of all genders and representations on the edge of their seats!

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We'll fill 60-90 minutes of main stage sessions with a fresh dynamic, music, stories, participant interaction and valuable takeaways everyone will remember.  All 5 Points stay onsite and available in pre-function for post-session 1:1 discussions
Looking for outside facilitators to help guide your team to conclusions, or ready to incorporate unique approaches to inclusive brainstorming or streamlining collaboration or productivity?  We've got you covered
From outlining trends and vertical vision, to interactive small-group exchanges, to single-topic drill downs, we'll lead and enhance your breakouts in meaningful ways
With many years invested building experiences, we're the perfect team to help your planning or education teams optimize one, or a portfolio of events, to build a meetings industry brand that delivers

Ready to bring seismic change and the power of 5 to your events?