Janet Granger

Janet Granger is a strategy and marketing expert who helps organizations that struggle with maximizing their intergenerational workforce, to better empower their multi-generational human resources. Working for over 25 years in marketing, she recognized, early on, the shift from “old-fashioned” marketing to the power of the digital environment. It was through this digital work that she recognized the clash between generations in the workplace and formulated her work to help foster cooperative, productive workplaces.  Based on this work, she wrote her first book “Digital Influence for Baby Boomers: Why you should care and yes, you can do this!” published in 2016. She speaks about the “digital divide” in the workplace and her sessions often become lively inter-generational discussions.Janet’s clients range from Fortune 500 enterprises to start-ups, where she helps elevate productivity from teams, as well as nurturing a workplace culture for happier employees. Because of this, her work helps with employee retention and recruiting. With a consulting focus on business and marketing strategy, Janet’s B2B clients range from the marine industry to HR consulting, encompassing a wide range of industries. Janet has an MBA in Marketing and Management from Columbia University and she is in the process of writing a follow-up book on working successfully with Millennials.  

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