Melissa Majors

Melissa Majors is an innovator and optimizer of learning, inclusion, and leadership strategies, who has dedicated her career to maximizing the business impact associated with these areas of focus. Melissa speaks on a variety of subjects regarding leadership, learning, and “blameless” inclusion and her content is unique, as she blends research, neuroscience, purposeful stories, and fun activities into her presentations.
Melissa believes ethical leaders share power and put the needs of others first; they are committed to helping all people to develop and perform as highly as possible. Women often experience unique workplace challenges and Melissa speaks about women’s success being not just a women’s issue, but also a men’s issue, as both benefit from the ending of gender disparities.
A crowd-pleasing speaker, Melissa has mastered the art of delivering brain-friendly talks that engage audiences and spark both inspiration and action. She’s been featured in publications such as Forbes Magazine, The Meeting Professional, NorthStar Meetings Group Eventful Podcast. And she’s been on the keynote stage at events including Meeting Professional International’s WEC, CedMa’s Annual Conference, HD Vest’s CONNECT, and more.


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